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Doug Brown Design offers logo design and branding solutions. Your logo matters. It’s the central part of your design. It establishes your brand in the marketplace. It distinguishes your business from the competition.

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Having a great logo design and branding lets your audience know who you are and connects them to your brand. From this connection, you can persuade users to keep moving down the conversion path.

Your logo is the defining graphic for your brand. Logos should evolve as your brand does. It’s natural to change your logo design and branding as needed. Here are six reasons it’s time for a logo design update.

And if you’re just starting your business, your logo and branding attributes are the foundation for your marketing. We’ll start with a logo and extend it to include all the key elements of a brand, including font choices and colors.

Your logo is the launching page for visually effective and exciting designs. Whether your brand is 100 years old or one day old, we stick to the basics of good design: simplicity, timeless style and cross-media compatibility.

Logo Design and Branding solutions:

  • New logo development
  • Update logos
  • Brand colors
  • Font choices
  • Logo and branding style guides

Ready to take your logo design and branding to the next level? Send us a note, and we’ll be glad to help. You can also check out our logo design and branding examples in our portfolio.

Nice things clients have said about us

“Doug Brown is innovative with design, always including the new and upcoming trends in his designs. He is thorough and adheres to the time frames of the client. He has been an excellent addition to our team here at Broadway Series South.”

-Michelle Bernal,
Broadway Series South

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