Your logo is the defining graphic for your brand. A good logo should be unique and provide clear indication as to what your brand is. And logos should evolve as your brand does. It may be time to for a logo update and give your brand a new fresh look. Here are six reasons it’s time for a logo update:

1.    You’ve never updated it.

If your brand has begun to mature, meaning it’s been around at least 10 years then it’s probably time to consider a logo update. What was on trend 10 plus years ago probably isn’t the same now. And while logos should have a classic feel that isn’t easily dated, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t need for improvement. The change can be subtle but should emphasize the growth you’ve experienced since your brand’s debut.

2.    Even those most recognizable logos need an update.

MasterCard has continued to tweak its famous logo through the years. Recently, they unveiled the new look. This was the first logo update in 20 years. MasterCard CMO shared the brand’s vision for the change in Ad Week. The logo retains the same basic colors but incorporates new ideas to speak to how the brand has evolved. The new logo is easier to work with for designers, moving the wording underneath the circles. The font was is also more modern and easier to read in smaller sizes. So even the most stalwart of brands recognize when they need to reinvent. So should you.

3.    Your logo is keeping you in a design box.

When logos are too elaborate, you lose the ability to expand the look to your entire design strategy. Think simplicity over tiny details. Tiny details can often get washed out in smaller scale, which can lead to big problems. Overly complex logos can also often only render vertically or horizontally. In the digital age, your logo must be more flexible!

4.    Your logo doesn’t represent who you are anymore.

Maybe when you started your brand, you specialized in one thing but then over time migrated to other services. Could this be an indication you need a logo update? Organizations often add and remove services depending on synergies or acquisitions. Make sure your logo is representing your entire brand; not just some of it.

5.    You are simplifying your brand.

TIAA, a financial company, kicked off a rebrand in 2016 by shortening their name to just TIAA, rather than TIAA-CREF. This was a strategic move to highlight their move to be customer-centric and an organization that’s easy to do business. With the name change, came a new logo of just TIAA. Every brand wants to enhance the user experience. This is often accomplished by stripping out the unnecessary.  This applies to logos as well.

6.    Your logo says “old.”

Being an old brand isn’t a bad thing. It means you are financially healthy and have weathered any challenges. It gives you authority and imbues trust. But don’t let your customers and prospects think they’ve entered a time warp. If your logo says shoulder pads or other signs from decades long past, it’s time for an update. If your logo looks old, users may have an unconscious negative reaction. They may think you aren’t innovative or aren’t in touch with present day needs. This is not the message you want to convey. Step on into the 21st century with a new logo.

Did any of these reasons speak to you? A logo update can be the start of a rebrand, and it can significantly improve that very important first impression. If you are ready to consider updating your logo, contact us today for a consultation.