This is the fourth blog in the series on conversion-centered design. So what is congruence? It’s probably not a word you use in every day conversation. It’s really just a fancy word for agreement or harmony. This principle focuses specifically on ensuring that every element on your landing page is aligned with your goal.

So that sounds easy, right? After all, why would your design or content not align with your goal? Unfortunately, intentions and execution aren’t always harmonious. And elements that may be inconsistent with your goal may not be so obvious. If you’ve been following the first three principles: attention, context and clarity then you are certainly on the right path.

So what’s an easy way to measure congruence of your landing page? Unbounce has a great exercise to help you score all the elements. Once you have a score, you know what needs to be tweaked.

The congruence principle works in tandem with attention. Removing distractions also typically means congruence is positively impacted. When all your content and design features are pointing the user to your goal, which could be downloading content, an email sign-up or pushing users to another page, you have a better chance of improving the conversion. And that’s what every marketing team wants!

Remember to stay consistent and focus on the design and copy working together. That’s how you master congruence!