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The Real Estate Facebook Marketing Checklist

Social media has become a valuable tool for real estate agents. It allows agents to feature listings, share original content and target specific buyers with advertising. Real estate Facebook marketing can help you grow new buyers and sellers. With over two billion...

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Five Brand Refresh Ideas for 2018

The New Year brings new opportunity. It’s a chance to give your brand a refresh. You certainly don’t need to do anything drastic to update your brand. Subtle changes can actually yield positive responses. To prepare your brand for 2018, here are five brand...

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The Must-Have List for Ebook Design

Ebooks are a brilliant way to tell your brand's story Ebooks are a very popular content marketing format. They are typically educational and informational but not as technical as a whitepaper. Hubspot actually defined ebooks as "the hip sibling of the whitepaper."...

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Email Segmentation: The Four Pillars of Segmenting

Avoid the junk mailbox by segmenting your lists Email segmentation is crucial to higher open rates and conversions. Providing the right message to your target audience is often what makes the difference in effective email marketing. There are lots of ways to segment...

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Landing Page Optimization Tips

Landing page optimization is an important piece of a successful inbound marketing strategy. Their main objective is to generate leads by capturing contact information by providing something of value. Your ultimate goal is to get users to fill out that form. A landing...

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Three Small Business Digital Marketing Trends

Staying on course in digital marketing can be tricky. We look at three small business digital marketing trends worth navigating. Digital marketing is an ever-changing discipline. That’s why it’s great to test out new trends. Digital marketing isn’t just your website...

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Six Manufacturing Inbound Marketing Tips

Manufacturers can experience growth by using inbound marketing strategically Manufacturing tends to lag behind other industries in marketing. Their growth is fueled by demand and acquisitions rather than organic. So, why try manufacturing inbound marketing? Because...

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Attracting Millennials to Your Small Business

Are your website and brand millennial friendly? We're sharing five ideas to help you attract millennials. Milennials kind of get a bad rap. They’ve been called lazy, entitled and distracted. Yet, none of that is really true. Research suggests they are actually...

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Six Quick Tips for B2B Email Marketing

Make every email count Hey, if you haven’t heard, inboxes are full. It’s valuable real estate. So it’s probably a good idea to optimize every element for your best chance at conversions. B2B email marketing focuses on some of the same best practices for consumer...

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Website Footer Best Practices

Is your website footer optimized? Here are a few best practices we recommend. Your website footer isn’t dead space! Visitors do actually scroll that far down. A study by Chartbeat looked at 25 million user sessions, finding that many users scroll as far as 1200 pixels...

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