Considering a New Website or Redesign?

Web design is constantly changing. Designers are continually providing new features to sites, with the goal of improving the user experience. Today’s websites are quick-loading, with easy-to-use features and a personalized touch. So what are the biggest website trends right now?

2019 Website Design Trends

It’s a good time to take a fresh look at your website to see if it’s cool and up-to-date or leaning more toward dinosaur status.

Retro Style

Nostalgia is human nature. And everything seems to come back around in the design game. That’s probably why retro style is so appealing. This melding of current culture with colors, graphics, and themes that were popular 20 or more years ago strikes a distinct chord with viewers. Look for a retro feel in website design to be highly popular in the coming year as companies look for new ways to create a connection with their customers.

Bright Colors

Using vibrant color in your website design is a great way to draw attention and focus from visitors to specific elements of the site. Think about attracting viewers to a subscriber sign-up form or notifying them of a special sale. Look for bright, contrasting colors to pop up in websites everywhere and consider adding this element to yours.

Geometric Shapes

Pictures are great in websites, but they can slow down loading times. Enter geometric shapes, which add eye-catching fun and interest to a website without a negative impact on the functionality of the site. Web design in 2019 will incorporate geometric shapes in backgrounds, borders, and more to draw attention to elements and heighten the user experience.

Cinemagraphs Instead of GIFs

Cinemagraphs are animated photographs in which just one part of the photograph moves. They immediately catch the viewers attention and engage them. Funny, whimsical, and engaging, cinemagraphs started to show up in 2018 and will continue to trend in the coming year.

Simple Design and Unique Fonts

Gone are the days of cluttered websites. Simple, clean minimalist websites with fewer buttons to click are trending right now. They’re not only faster to load, but they direct viewers to your targeted focal point.

Augmented Reality/Interactive Websites

Augmented reality is technology that uses a computer generated, or CG, image and places it over a real world view. It’s been used by home design retailers, to see how one of their products would look in your home, and by makeup companies to show you how their product would look on your face. This interactive experience allows a viewer to virtually try-out a product, making the online buying experience more successful.

Chat Bots

Chat Bots are applications within the website that immediately offer assistance to a visitor using AI-based customer service. Think of it as walking into a store and having a salesperson approach you for help. A chat bot guides you  to the clothing styles or service you’re seeking. Chat bots offer another kind of simplicity in the user experience.

The trending overall theme for 2019 and beyond is simplifying and enhancing the user experience, making it continually easier for your visitors to learn about and, ultimately, purchase your products or services. We can help you implement these and other web design trends into your site simply and easily – connect with us today to discuss how easy it is for you to keep up with current web trends designed to improve the functionality and desirability of your site.